MWC17: NGMN Alliance tackles 5G realities, partners with 5GAA for V2X

NGMN Alliance
Source: NGMN Alliance

The NGMN Alliance revealed its plans for new activities on the 5G front at MWC17 related to security, end-to-end architectures and V2X solutions.

At a press conference on Monday at MWC17, the NGMN Alliance said that as it continues ongoing work in its 5G Work-Programme – including projects on end-to-end architecture, IPR, spectrum, trial and testing, V2X, and network operations – the NGMN board has decided to establish a security competence team to address 5G security issues related to areas such as network capability exposure or to the most relevant 5G E2E use-cases.

The board also plans to add significant enhancements to the NGMN end-to-end architecture project via activities on 5G service-based architecture (SBA), multi-domain operation, and RAN functional split and x-haul.

At a meeting at MWC17, NGMN board directors said the group had made a lot of progress since releasing its 5G White Paper in 2015, but they also highlighted significant challenges still ahead, and urged all industry players to clearly focus on market realities and business driven needs. Realistic timing and performance goals should be stated for 5G.

For its 5G Work Programme, the board stated its objectives:

  • International collaboration to support global alignment and to avoid fragmentation
  • Identification of market requirements and business needs
  • Providing an end-to-end picture of the 5G system
  • Assessing and testing 5G technology

Meanwhile, on the V2X front, NGMN signed an agreement with the 5G Automotive Alliance (5GAA) to foster closer cooperation in 5G-based V2X solutions.

5GAA and NGMN aim to enable and support timely and successful delivery of 5G-based connected mobility solutions via working together in V2X-related activities and carrying out joint PR measures.

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