NGMN Alliance backs C-V2X, issues white-paper recommendations

ngmn C-V2X
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The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance is officially backing C-V2X (cellular vehicle to everything) technology, and to that end has published a white paper with official recommendations.

The white paper follows the creation of a V2X task force in June 2016 to study and evaluate V2X technologies and requirements, while looking to harmonize mobile network operators’ views on LTE-based V2X and DSRC/IEEE-802.11p.

The white paper contains the findings of two years of work by a task force of industry specialists who are already providing cellular connectivity to over 30 million vehicles worldwide.

Objectives of the paper include a reduced time to market of C-V2X and triggering co-operation with the automotive industry in order to create a common understanding amongst key players. Additionally, its work is covering various deployment aspects of the connected car, including multi-operators and roaming, business models of operating an intelligent transport system (ITS), examining available spectrum and regulatory aspects and reviewing security and privacy issues.

Key conclusions from the NGMN:

  • C-V2X technology is superior to IEEE 802.11p standards from a technical, economical and eco-system perspective and can easily satisfy basic yet critical safety applications
  • Its technical advantages include communication range, latency and scalability
  • It has a natural evolution path to future advanced applications by updating current networks to 5G
  • It not only covers safety features for vehicles but also supports use cases for other traffic participants, such as pedestrians and cyclists
  • Tests are already ongoing, and the technology can be deployed by 2020

“This white paper can provide the framework for a smooth transition into the world of the truly connected car – especially as we start to see the introduction of 5G,” said Huang Yuhong, deputy general manager for China Mobile Research Institute.

The white paper is available for download here [PDF].

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