Nokia to supply gear for China Mobile’s optical transport backbone

nokia wavesuite
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China Mobile has chosen Nokia to provide an integrated IP/optical solution as part of its regional optical transport network project, with deployment of the new network having already started.

Chinese consumers and businesses are rapidly adopting cloud and 4G mobile services. China Mobile is currently building a new optical transport network for 13 city metro and two provincial backbone networks that will support improved data center interconnect, consumer broadband services and 4G backhaul. Looking to the future and the arrival of 5G, the new optical backbone will be a key part of the next-generation of mobile services.

Requiring agility and flexibility to meet the demanding needs of the cloud and 5G, the Nokia IP/optical solution is a dynamic, programmable optical network that can support virtualization and cloud technologies associated with 5G.

Nokia’s 1830 PSS-24x packet/OTN multilayer switching platform is at the core of the new China Mobile optical transport network. It combines massive switching scale with high performance optics powered by Nokia’s Photonic Service Engine technology.

Yu Xiaohan, head of the China Mobile customer team at Nokia Shanghai Bell, said, “We are very pleased to work closely with China Mobile to provide the optical technology for its most advanced networks today and in the future.”

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