Nokia promises to take guesswork out of 5G business cases

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Nokia has revealed new in-house studies that both quantify the benefits of deploying 5G and identify services with the potential to offer the greatest return on investment.

As enterprises want to understand how 5G will meet their specific business needs, Nokia says it is leveraging its business modeling and 5G Acceleration Services capabilities to remove the guesswork from operators’ 5G network evolution plans.

Nokia says its 5G Acceleration Services uses tailored modelling to help operators and enterprises see how the move to 5G will enable them to deliver new services that transform the customer experience and create new revenue streams.

Nokia says its research and analysis of 5G performance indicates that 5G can increase capacity by 40 times compared to 4G, substantially reduce the cost-per-device in a smart city deployment handling millions of connected devices, including IoT sensors, and deliver the ‘99.999 percent reliability’ and low-latency at-scale required in an Industry 4.0 environment.

Meanwhile, promising early 5G business cases include “5G to the Home”, which Nokia claims will break even after four years if the monthly average revenue per user remains above 40 euros. 5G events and hotspots, in locations such as stadiums, have a one-year payback period depending on the number of events held at the location, with at least five events per month required to ensure a profitable business case.

Meanwhile, Nokia says operators can achieve tangible early mover advantages in terms of revenue and market share for services such as in-vehicle infotainment.

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