Nokia launches WaveSuite apps for optical transformation

nokia wavesuite
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Nokia is introducing new open software applications that it says enable operators to jump-start optical network digital transformation, better optimize and monetize networks, and speed-up service deployments.

Nokia’s new WaveSuite apps leverage the new MEF Optical Transport Services standards, which enable the delivery of agile and assured layer-1 services, orchestrated within an open environment.

Over the past several years, service providers have invested in agile, programmable infrastructures in preparation for SDN and the many benefits it promises. SDN control software and open programming interfaces have matured, but their adoption thus far has been limited. What’s needed, Nokia says, is a new breed of intelligent software applications, driven by real-world use cases, to deliver lower costs and an enhanced customer experience.

The WaveSuite suite of modular applications gives service providers, wholesalers, and large enterprises the ability to virtualize their optical networking infrastructure, enabling network-as-a-service business models which can be used to support new channels to market. Hierarchical service tools greatly improve the speed and ease by which network capacity is transformed into retail services, even through multiple layers of resale.

Additional tools enhance operations by automating the commissioning of service endpoints at customer premises, which can enable quicker time to market and lower costs. WaveSuite also provides tools to analyze and act upon real-time network telemetry to extract more capacity from the network and improve its performance.

Nokia’s WaveSuite applications are organized into three categories:

Service enablement applications virtualize and monetize the network infrastructure by improving customer reach with innovative service fulfillment and assurance models. The applications create a more consumable network supporting more customers and new channels to market, without a large investment in complex back-office systems. The applications leverage novel business-aware hierarchical service models, dramatically reducing the time it takes to turn capacity into revenue-generating services.

Node automation applications leverage the power and ubiquity of mobile devices to empower the service deployment workforce. By automating provisioning and record-keeping, the applications streamline equipment deployment, service activation and troubleshooting, leading to faster time to revenue and lower costs.

Network insight applications enhance business, operational, and infrastructure decision-making by harnessing the power of real-time network intelligence. The applications employ trending, analysis, and prediction to quickly and intuitively guide network operators through optimization decisions which can improve performance and increase capacity.

WaveSuite complements Nokia’s Network Services Platform carrier SDN solution and its FlowOneOSS by providing enhanced services orchestration and operational tools for the optical networking domain. Support for open northbound and southbound interfaces ensure functionality in multi-vendor environments.

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