Nokia showcases smart home sleep sensor at CES

nokia sleep sensor
Image credit: Nokia

Nokia has launched a sleep sensor at CES 2018 that delivers personalized sleep analysis and offers smart home control through IFTTT (if this then that) integration.

The sensor, called Nokia Sleep, is a Wi-Fi enabled pad that fits under the mattress and provides insight into the quality of the sleep experience while offering environment control through IFTTT, an automation service for all internet-connected things.

The sleep sensor includes sleep cycle analysis, an individualized sleep score, and smart home control that enables the sensor to act like a switch to automatically control lights, thermostats and more (for example, users can automatically dim the lights when they get into bed).

Nokia Sleep also synchronizes automatically with the Nokia Health Mate app so users can have all their health data in one place. The app provides data history, personalized advice and coaching programs, including one developed specifically around sleep.

Nokia also announced the integration of its Health Mate app with Amazon’s Alexa, providing users with data and insights on their activity, sleep and weight via Alexa-enabled devices.

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