Nokia upgrades CloudBand software for 5G deployments

nokia open slicing
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Nokia has announced its latest CloudBand Infrastructure Software that promises to give communication service providers (CSPs) and other customers sharper cloud management solutions that improve service delivery and significantly reduce operating costs as 5G deployments get underway.

CloudBand gives CSPs the capability to unify their NFV infrastructure/virtualized infrastructure manager (NFVI/VIM) to support centralized and distributed edge cloud deployments and workloads.

The upgrade streamlines operational procedures by providing a single NFVi/VIM for all cloud deployment needs, such as support and management for both VM and containerized workloads. In a 5G digital services era, there is greater dependence on containers in the cloud – CloudBand allows CSPs to gain experience with cloud-native architectures without introducing completely different tool chains, Nokia says.

Addressing a combination of IT and telco use cases enables Nokia CloudBand customers to reduce cost and complexity compared to proprietary siloed approaches.

“Operators risk unwanted complexity and costs in their OpenStack infrastructure by creating new virtualized silos, and they stand to benefit from a unified approach,” said Peter Fetterolf, CTO of ACG Business Analytics. “By streamlining process definition, execution, and maintenance across multiple vendors for activities like onboarding virtual network functions, deploying and updating software, and troubleshooting using disparate tool chains, operators can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining cloud infrastructure by 92% over a five-year period and total cost of ownership by 56% over the same period.”

Nokia CloudBand Infrastructure Software includes OpenStack software to address several challenges facing OpenStack adopters, such as providing timely maintenance and feature updates and localized infrastructure security compliance. It also includes full SDN domain controller pre-integration to give customers an end-to-end solution with lower integration costs and improved time-to-market.

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