NTT Com to launch API Gateway-as-a-Service next month

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NTT Communications announced that it will launch API Gateway-as-a-Service, which companies can use for integrated management of APIs of multiple systems, as well as connection of those APIs with external systems.

Available starting the middle of July, NTT Com’s new service will enable customers to manage authentication and access rights on a unified basis with great efficiency, even in the case of numerous APIs.

API Gateway-as-a Service includes a feature called API mashup, which promises fast, easy API connection with other services for the creation of new digital businesses. System maintenance and operation functions are included in flexible service plans. Optional services include consulting on open APIs and support program for system deployment.

In addition to integrating the API specifications of various interfaces and authorizing APIs on a unified basis, the service will simplify rights management for controlling group access and will offer robust security, including for DDoS attacks and managed security.

API Gateway-as-a-Service

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform initially will be compatible with both NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud and Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure. Other IaaS will be added going forward for compatibility with an increasingly broad range of customer environments.

Going forward, NTT Com said it will strengthen its collaboration with SaaS providers worldwide to expand API Gateway as a Service with optional services, such as backend functions for billing and payments for digital businesses. Also, additional compatible clouds, beginning with NTT Data’s cloud services, will be added in the foreseeable future to enable use with customers’ existing cloud environments.

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