NTT Com launches SD-WAN service portfolio for 190 countries

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NTT Communications announced that it has launched its SD-WAN service portfolio with coverage spanning over 190 countries.

NTT Com claims the launch marks not only the first SD-WAN with that level of reach, but also the first such service to be launched at that scale on a global network that is 100% software based.

NTT Com’s SD-WAN platform is based on an architecture that is locally distributed around the world via over 75 local cloud centers, optimized for network, mobility, and security services. The service’s real-time streaming network analytics offers CIOs and their IT staff deep insight into application performance, network security, and the end-user experience.

The platform also supports the delivery of services from customer premises equipment located at customer branch offices.

Shuichi Sasakura, senior vice president of Network Services at NTT Com, said the SD-WAN portfolio is “an end-to-end solution that provides organizations with a highly flexible and agile network that is fully tailored to their specific requirements and enables them to better compete in today’s digital economy.”

NTT Com said it is leveraging software-defined technology and platform acquired via its acquisition of Virtela in 2014.

Highlighted features of the NTT SD-WAN service portfolio include real-time streaming network analytics, flexible enterprise connectivity, CPE flexibility, optimized local ISP selection and routing, enhanced QoS, secure web gateways and application acceleration.

In addition, NTT Com says its software-defined network enables malware detection reporting to help enterprises deal with the persistent threat of botnets and malware without requiring any on-premises hardware or software. The service provides CIOs and their IT staff with advanced malware detection and reporting analytics to identify infected devices within the enterprise, which can dramatically reduce the time to act and to mitigate the impact of these security threats.

“NTT Com is raising the bar in the telecom industry by reaching a global, 100% software defined network milestone and in offering a ubiquitous overlay of SD-WAN network, application acceleration, and security services for enterprises around the globe,” states Michael Suby, Stratecast VP of research at Frost & Sullivan.

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