NTT DoCoMo unveils open initiative for AI Agent API

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NTT DoCoMo has announced its new “docomo AI Agent Open Partner Initiative” to facilitate collaborative development of new offerings implemented with a service-agnostic, device-agnostic speech interface based on DoCoMo’s AI Agent API.

Through the initiative, DoCoMo intends to create an open environment for diverse services that use AI technology for highly tailored services and marketing. The initiative will enable partner companies to link their services to DoCoMo’s payment options, such as docomo Mobile Payment, and its loyalty program, d Point Club.

AI Agent API – which DoCoMo plans to incorporate into a new AI agent service to be launched in early fiscal 2018 – will provide a new foundation for DoCoMo’s strategy to help customers realize increasingly innovative lifestyles.

DoCoMo says an AI agent makes it possible to accurately respond to the individual needs of each user, provide highly tailored services and interface with users through speech- and text-based dialogue for the operation of IoT devices, enabling users to interact with services that are highly suited to their specific needs and situations.

DoCoMo AI Agent

The API will be the basic system for building new AI agents consisting of a proactive support engine, multipurpose dialogue engine and IoT access control engine. The engines are based on “corevo” AI technologies developed by the NTT Group, including DoCoMo.

The proactive support engine uses behavior prediction and modeling cultivated through services, such as DoCoMo’s AI Infotainment Service for vehicles, to provide increasingly enhanced information tailored to each user’s specific needs and at the appropriate times.

The multipurpose dialogue engine uses natural language understanding (NLU) technology cultivated through services such as DoCoMo’s Shabette-Concier service to provide services with increasingly enhanced natural dialogue.

The IoT access control engine uses Device Web API technology to create a single application that can control diverse IoT devices based on various communication standards.

docomo agent API partners

By making the API openly available to a diverse range of service and device providers, DoCoMo says it aims to not only develop better business relationships with partners, but also reduce the development period for AI-agent services, and ultimately provide end users with new speech- and text-based AI experiences.

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