NTT Group and Dell plan smart city proof of concept in Las Vegas

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NTT Group says it has expanded its partnership with Dell Technologies to include smart city initiatives, starting with the first smart city proof of concept with the City of Las Vegas as part of the city’s digital transformation.

NTT Group’s envisions smart cities as the natural evolution in public safety that will make full use of next-generation sensors, ultra-high definition cameras and other forward-reaching technologies. For example, video situational awareness is currently a common practice used by local police and fire agencies to proactively alert public safety stakeholders and first responders to emergencies. However, expanding for future safety measures requires infrastructure and operating models that can analyze and store incoming multimedia data. These requirements are too expensive for most municipalities, limiting the public safety potential of smart city initiatives.

The group’s planned solution is a secure, distributed platform that will create and deploy micro data centers in proximity to sensors around a city. These micro data centers will use advanced analytics for delivering real-time data to the locations where the data can provide the most value. Predictive and diagnostic analytics at the edge will only send data indicating an incident has occurred or needs investigation back to the core data center, minimizing data transport volume and time.

The smart city solution is built on NTT Group’s ‘Cognitive Foundation’ architecture, which enables remote creation, management and operation of ICT resources, from devices and networks to the cloud. It will also combine Dell EMC hyperconverged infrastructure and IoT gateways, and VMware vCloud NFV platform hosting predictive analytics applications.

Once the proof of concept is complete, it will allow for proactive data analytics to improve safety, NTT Group says. With a robust and scalable infrastructure supporting video situational awareness and sensor data, the city can take advantage of machine learning to improve response times for public safety incidents.

After the proof of concept in Las Vegas is completed, and assuming it’s successful, NTT Group is planning to introduce additional similar initiatives in other US cities, said Jun Sawada, CFO of NTT and CEO of NTT Security.

NTT Group will introduce the smart city solution at Dell Technologies World 2018.

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