O3b Networks kicks off 2017 with extensions and upgrades in Timor-Leste and Palau

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O3b Networks says its high throughput, low latency satellite network has had “an immense impact” on the Asia Pacific region in 2016 as it announced new contract extensions and upgrades this week in Timor-Leste and Palau.

New customers, upgrades to existing contracts, technology advancements and increased network availability have led to substantial success in 2016 across the region.” O3b Networks ended 2016 contracting upwards of 7.5 Gbps throughout the APAC region, and generating an increase of approximately 30% year-on-year growth for the total used bandwidth.

O3b said the growth was a direct result of the successful performance of O3b services, and an increased demand for high-quality connectivity. Over the course of the year, all existing O3b APAC customers upgraded their contracted capacity, while two Tier-1 telco providers were added to the company’s customer roster.

In 2016 a number of O3b APAC customers implemented ultra-high availability solutions, to further improve service up-time. In partnership with its customers, O3b has implemented both site diversity with additional O3b terminals, and hybrid band diversity through SES C-Band satellite capacity, enabling mission critical services to be maintained through network restoration techniques.

This week, Timor Telecom, the biggest operator in Timor-Leste, extended its contract with O3b. Timor Telecom first started using O3b in 2014, and has upgraded capacity several times to keep up with soaring data demand and launch mobile data services.

Timor Telecom currently receives more than 1 Gbps of international connectivity from O3b, delivered to two sites, one in Dilli and another in Baucau.

“The quality of experience has dramatically increased for Timor Telecom’s subscribers since we went live over O3b,” said Manuel Capitao Amaro, CEO of Timor Telecom.

Also this week, O3b customer Palau Telecoms – one of two private sector ISPs on the island – increased network capacity for the fifth time in less than 24 months, nearly doubling its service capacity since going live over O3b.

“Our link over O3b enables Palau Telecoms customers to do more than they expected with their internet connection, enabling new solutions for consumers, schools, the tourism industry, and other businesses across the islands,” said Sam Masang, CEO of Palau Telecoms. “We continue to add capacity because our subscribers continue to find new productive ways to use bandwidth, and we expect the trend to continue.”

“Palau Telecoms has proven what an incredible need there is for high performance connectivity across the Pacific,” said Imran Malik, VP of Asia Pacific & the Middle East for O3b Networks.

“As we reflect on growth in 2016 and move forward into the new year, we are massively proud of the strides we have made in the Asia Pacific Region,” said Steve Collar, CEO of Asia Pacific at O3b Networks. “Today our MNO customers are capable of providing 3G/4G LTE mobile data services to their subscribers, with a quality of experience that was previously out of reach. The surge in data use has been incredible; leading customers in the region have increased capacity to more than 1Gbps. We look forward to expanding our customer base, and providing fiber-equivalent connectivity for more of the region.”

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