Ode to MWC – someone is missing Barcelona!

Our good friend, Dominic Smith from Cerillion, is actually missing being in Barcelona for MWC. After a run of 22 years of attending MWC and its predecessors without a break, he seems to be suffering the equivalent of withdrawal symptoms. He was so down on not being there munching on tapas he actually wrote a poem about it that we simply had to reprint.

Here is his ‘Ode to MWC’….

Monday morning again, in the last week of February
But I’m in London, not Barcelona, how can that be?
No congress, no expo, no prospects in need
And the only metro I’ve seen is the one that you read
That nasty coronavirus has put paid to MWC
Now a hundred thousand people with nowhere to be
Health and safety concerns had made the event a big doubt
But the GSMA had no choice when the big names pulled out
Eleven months of preparation must be unwound
Shipments to be returned and new business to be found
But a feeling of emptiness, missing friends old and new
Customers, partners and analysts, to name just a few
The pickpockets will miss out on the latest devices
Whilst the hotels will return to normal tourist prices
No more tapas or pintxos; a normal diet with veg!
And I won’t miss three laptops carried in my hand luggage
Time to reset and move on, the industry won’t stop
5G and IoT, but will folding phones flop?
While Cerillion will continue banging the drum
BSS transformations, with certainty of outcome
We’ll all be back in Barcelona, one year from now
Bigger and better? We’ll have to wait and see how
But the question remains, we are still yet to see
What is Limitless Intelligent Connectivity?

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