Official documents of alien encounters are emerging – and they’re scary

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Official documents are emerging of alien encounters that make the blood run cold. The CIA, citing a report by the KGB, reports a one-sided battle between aliens and humans.

A Russian military exercise, back in 1993, was buzzed by a UFO and one Russian soldier decided to launch a surface to air missile. The UFO was grounded and that should have been that.

What happened next was that five humanoids emerged from the downed vessel, formed a circle, became one entity, created an incandescent light and turned the soldiers who were close enough into stone. Only those in the shade were saved.

The story was covered up, the stone soldiers were removed and the report is only now emerging.

Following the ‘great reveal’ of last year, when official documents from the Pentagon and elsewhere were published, stories like this could very well become more common. Interestingly, had this particular story been part of the Pentagon papers, the reaction would have been far more serious and extreme. We would still be talking about cover ups and conspiracy theories. Instead, we went ‘meh’ and wrote about the Metaverse.

Now this kind of thing is quietly coming to light.

Of course, as with everything nowadays, it could be fake. However, the author has seen too many stories of aliens forming circles, of a bright deadly light and the whole stone turning thing to believe that it is fake. He also believes that some of the stories in the bible are based on these kinds of encounters.

Encounters reported via official documents obviously lend credence to the theory from last week that not all aliens come in peace – or at least they are more than capable of getting very irritated if we attack them. It also proves – or provides more compelling evidence – that aliens that we are encountering have technologies and abilities far, far superior to anything we can even dream of.

And it is wise to treat them with respect and caution.

As the awareness of the presence of aliens and encounters with them becomes more widespread, and more official documents lend authority to the narrative, it will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years.

Some of the comments triggered by the article last week believed that yes, indeed, there are different tribes of aliens visiting us, and some may not be particularly friendly. There is also a strong feeling out there that we are being protected by tribes (‘species’ just seems wrong) who will help us with technology (look at how far we have come in the last 50 years and it is clear they probably already are).

And protect us from the bad guys.

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