Ooyala says it’s the secret analytics sauce behind OTT player tonton

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Telstra subsidiary Ooyala has revealed it is the technology provider and strategic business partner powering all streaming, monetization and audience analytics for tonton, the Malaysian streaming video service owned by Media Prima.

Ooyala says it is “maximizing revenue and audience engagement” across all tonton properties, including its subscription-based (SVOD) service, tonton VIP Membership, and its ad-supported (AVOD) service, tonton Free Membership. Since launch, Media Prima now offers nearly six million viewers access to their favorite local and international content anywhere, anytime and at the price point they prefer.

Media Prima leverages multiple solutions from Ooyala to deliver a differentiated OTT service with compelling content that caters to viewers across Malaysia.

Media Prima supplies its audience with both live and video-on-demand (VOD) content, including personalized local and international content via Ooyala Discovery. With Ooyala IQ, Media Prima tracks key audience engagement indicators across both its ad-supported business and subscription service. This includes average drop-off rates with both ads and video to either optimize ad loads or produce more content that achieves higher engagement. For the SVOD business, the insights help show the average length of sessions and most-watched content to help inform future content acquisition and negotiations.

With Ooyala Pulse, Ooyala’s holistic ad platform that integrates direct and programmatic trading into a single service, Media Prima can track the success of all its ad campaigns in real-time, making on-the-fly adjustments to maximize yield. Together, Media Prima has full insight into its video business, with the ability to see how certain assets perform better than others, helping reduce churn with its SVOD service, or helping command more CPMs for its AVOD business.

Since moving to Ooyala, overall user engagement and ad success has significantly increased. tonton viewers are now watching nearly double the amount of videos, and the duration per visit has increased 25%, reaching an average of 17 minutes. For advertising, click-through rates (CTR) across all ad campaigns have doubled.

“Smart partnerships with service providers such as Ooyala are beneficial to tonton as competition amongst OTT players become more intense. Ooyala is helping us differentiate in ways that keep us ahead in our market,” said Datuk Kamal Khalid, CEO of Media Prima Television Networks. “From driving more engagement to higher ad revenue, we work with Ooyala to obtain insights that enable us to make strategic decisions about our content, advertising and overall business.”

“Media Prima’s new OTT services are highly strategic and point to the future of video consumption in its region as well as around the globe. Media Prima is maximizing its revenue potential by blending subscription-based and ad-supported services to reach wider audiences,” said Ooyala General Manager of Asia Pacific Japan, Steve Davis.

Media Prima is Malaysia’s largest integrated media group across TV, print and radio.

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