Optus claims world first with 5G call using 2300MHz spectrum

Image courtesy Optus

Australian mobile network operator (MNO) Optus claims to have successfully established an end-to-end 5G data call using its spectrum in the 2300MHz band, in what it has claims is a world first.

Outlining details of the achievement in a press release, Optus said it had completed the test call in Sydney, working with technology partner Ericsson. On the back of the test the MNO was keen to highlight that, as it holds frequencies in both the 2300MHz and 3500MHz bands, it expects to be able to build ‘a true dual-band 5G network which will ultimately provide customers with even more capacity and more coverage on 5G than a single band 3500MHz 5G today’.

Commenting on the matter, Dennis Wong, Optus’ Managing Director Networks, was cited as saying: “There is strong industry interest in the use of the 2300MHz band for 5G and as the only telecommunications operator in Australia to currently have access to this band in metro capital cities, it’s great to be leading the way with testing and trialing this for future 5G deployment.”

Meanwhile, while the executive noted that Optus is aiming to deploy 2300MHz spectrum for 5G ‘some time during 2020’, he added that the company is ‘actively pushing forward’ with the rollout of 5G services using 3500MHz spectrum. To that end, Optus confirmed that it now has more than 300 live 5G sites across Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and other ‘key locations’ in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

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