Optus to demo live 5G-powered apps at Commonwealth Games

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Optus has launched its 5G showcase in Broadbeach for the upcoming Commonwealth Games that will demonstrate 5G use cases like robotics, VR and mobile 8K video streaming.

Open for the duration of the Commonwealth Games, ‘Optus 5G Live’ will demonstrate multiple simultaneous applications on a live indoor/outdoor 5G network using C-band spectrum – which Optus is claiming as a world first, although it didn’t specify which part makes it such.

Managing Director of Optus Networks Dennis Wong said the showcase is the first in Australia to demonstrate 5G’s  capability as a radio access technology on a live network, rather than via simulations or via demos that use 5G as a backhaul link rather than the access connection.

As no one – not even Optus – has a 5G device to test out the network, much of the showcase instead features mainly robots and VR demos powered by 5G NR. For example, visitors can play Rock, Paper, Scissors with a robotic hand, which demonstrates 5G’s low latency capabilities.

Visitors can also use 5G to control a robotic arm to pull a rugby ball out of a vending machine, experience driving, cycling and football training via VR. They can also watch Commonwealth Games events via 360 video.

Optus will also be streaming 8K video over the same network to a van equipped with a prototype 5G device and an 8K television screen. Visitors will be able to see how video content can maintain ultra-high quality streaming levels while the van is moving, Wong said.

“From being able to see 16 Gbps speeds through a 5G test room, to using a robotic arm to operate a vending machine, these experiences allow people to truly see how 5G may be integrated into day-to-day life – not just numbers on a screen,” said Wong.

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