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Have you ever wondered who exactly utilises the OSS (Operations Support Systems) and BSS (Business Support Systems) tools that telcos rely heavily upon? How many different role types (personas) do you think interact with these crucial systems? Furthermore, have you ever wondered what these people actually do with their OSS and BSS tools?

The curiosity surrounding these questions led the team at PassionateAboutOSS (PAOSS) to embark on a quest to compile an extensive list of both – user types and use cases, meticulously cross-linked in a single spreadsheet. To facilitate knowledge sharing and community engagement, they’ve decided to make this list freely available to the DA community as well.

Download this spreadsheet for a starter list (yes, it’s just a starter list, but contains over 70 personas and nearly 700 use cases, which goes to show just how comprehensive OSS/BSS solutions really are). These lists will provide you with a high-level (but not exhaustive) list of use cases as they relate to the many types of people who interact with OSS/BSS solutions. To download the spreadsheet, click on this link.

Expansive nature of OSS/BSS solutions

Although this list serves as an initial starting point, it already encompasses over 70 personas and nearly 700 associated use cases. Whilst these might seem like a substantial compilation, it emphasises the truly expansive nature of OSS/BSS solutions. If the PAOSS team were to undertake an in-depth analysis of every OSS/BSS use case, the list would undoubtedly extend into the thousands.

While some of the user types that rely on OSS/BSS may be readily apparent, such as NOC (Network Operations Centre) operators and network designers, others may surprise you. Similarly, while certain use cases may appear obvious, there are bound to be many other fresh insights and perspectives yet to be added.

PAOSS eagerly invites you to share your thoughts and suggestions regarding the list. Who do you think has been missed? What important use cases might have been overlooked?

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