Palau Telecom buys fourth capacity upgrade on O3b in 20 months

O3b Networks announced that its customer Palau Telecoms has increased network capacity for the fourth time in 20 months, growing its service capacity by 70% over this period.

The company decided to upgrade now to support the unprecedented growth of data within its network.

Palau Telecoms is one of two private sector Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on the Island of Palau, a remote archipelago of more than 300 islands located South East of the Philippines in the Western Pacific Ocean.

Palau Telecoms launched O3b services in January 2015 and has since made four upgrades to meet customer demand in September 2015, December 2015, February 2016 and now in September 2016.

“O3b Services continue to empower the citizens of Palau to push the limits when it comes to education, business, tourism and social interactions on the islands,” said Sam Masang, CEO of Palau Telecoms. “This is our fourth bandwidth upgrade with O3b, whose high throughput, low latency connectivity has made it possible for us to grow our business.”

“O3b is excited to provide Palau Telecoms with this upgrade to support the developing needs of its customers,” said Imran Malik, VP of Asia Pacific and the Middle East for O3b Networks. “By increasing capacity for island nations such as Palau, we are closing the digital divide and opening up digital opportunities to the entire globe.”

O3b Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of satellite operator SES.

Palau Telecoms was pioneered by Palau Communications & Electronics Company (PCEC), which has been operating since 1987 under Palau Equipment Company Inc. It began with providing communications through UHF, VHF, and SSB Radios. Palau Telecoms was added to the company to bring broadband, wireless internet to the island.

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