Parallel Wireless small cell vRAN tackles cost, installation and QoE issues

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Parallel Wireless has announced a strategic expansion of their indoor small-cell ecosystem via collaboration with Arcadyan Technology and Node-H that focuses on addressing the pain points of equipment costs, the time/complexity/cost of installation and challenges of maintaining the quality of experience.

The new joint virtualized (vRAN) solution combines the real-time orchestration of the Parallel Wireless HetNet Gateway (HNG) with low-cost, dual-mode 3G/4G enterprise cells from Arcadyan Technology and Node-H’s small-cell software. The result: a self-configuring and self-optimizing indoor multi-technology cellular solution that is highly cost-effective with easy deployment for enterprises of any size.

The Small Cell Forum reports that between 39% and 61% of enterprises encounter poor indoor coverage. Addressing that need, the new collaboration with Arcadyan and Node-H will offer customers the best of the overall indoor ecosystem: 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, neutral hosting, private LTE, QoS for voice and data, flexibility to change operational bands, cloud, seamless mobility, management and control – all at the lowest cost to deploy, maintain, and expand.

Key highlights include:

  • Fast, cost-effective plug-n-play installation to fit enterprise of ANY size: With the Parallel Wireless HetNet Gateway, the deployment is reduced from days to just a few hours, while eliminating the need for RF planning and extensive system integration. The HNG makes enterprise vRAN of any size self-configuring bringing the deployment cost to pennies per square foot.
  • Multi-technology, multi-carrier (3G/4G) + Wi-Fi: The vRAN solution uses Parallel Wireless’ HNG to deliver all needed 3G and 4G gateway functionality combined with real-time SON on a single COTS platform to reduce the initial deployment capex and ongoing opex while delivering multi-technology services.
  • Seamless and secure end-user experience for 3G/4G/Wi-Fi voice, emergency services and data: HNG enables multiple voice services including VoLTE, 3G voice, VoWiFi, PTT to give enterprise the flexibility of what voice services to use today and in the future. HNG enables real-time interference mitigation to improve QoS and delivers seamless handoffs inside and outside.
  • Hands-free low-cost maintenance or network expansion: Real-time multi-technology SON on HNG delivers network automation and programmability while enabling hands-free on-going maintenance that reduces OPEX costs while improving network performance.
  • New services creation and 5G-ready: This enterprise solution not only improves indoor coverage at a significantly reduced cost, but also enables new service offerings for both operators and business owners like smart buildings and IoT. With MOCN capability on HNG, operators can offer private LTE capability with secure routing of the traffic according to network performance or user profile. It also provides a platform for analytics to deliver operational insights or to monetize customer experiences.

Parallel Wireless said its announcement is supported by multiple customer trials in EMEA and APAC regions.

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