New PCCW Global service lets customers reroute their own traffic

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PCCW Global has launched Restoration On Demand, a Network-as-a-Service offering that enables its customers to rapidly reroute their connections to an alternate network path in the event of an undersea cable failure, restoring their international connectivity at the click of a button.

As submarine cables are vulnerable to lengthy service outages in the event of a cable cut, the Restoration On Demand service leverages PCCW Global’s SDN capabilities to enhance network resilience and service performance for its global enterprise customers.

PCCW Global says the service complements its existing always-on protected International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC) service by offering customers a quick-to-deploy and cost-effective business continuity service alternative.

Link setup, traffic restoration and billing are automatically activated, ensuring the customer’s traffic is safely protected until the original fiber service is restored. Once the primary circuit has been repaired, the customer can elect when to revert to the original service.

Customers can place orders directly via the PCCW Global Service Portal and the service is activated in minutes, said Jordick Wong, senior VP of Product and Vendor Management at PCCW Global.

“We have designed an online portal which allows our customers to restore their international connectivity with one click of a button,” he said. “It is a backup capability that, once activated online, allows capacity to be provisioned automatically by our systems in near real-time and with no human intervention required.”

The service is charged on a daily-usage basis.

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