PCCW Global upgrades cloud platform with Ubuntu OpenStack

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PCCW Global is collaborating with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, and CPlane Networks to create new cloud services for its customers via a global OpenStack cloud.

Implementation of Ubuntu OpenStack and CPlane’s Multi-Site Manager is currently underway at PCCW Global’s two next generation data centers in Hong Kong and Reston, VA, in the US, with plans to expand to other strategic cities around the world over time.

The integrated Canonical/CPlane solution will deliver a high-performance, elastic infrastructure that removes the complexity of multiple systems and OpenStack APIs, streamlining service integration and leveraging existing services. The platform will provide the ability for OpenStack tenant networks to integrate with PCCW Global’s MPLS VPN and Global Internet Access (GIA) services.

The delivery of additional value-added services such as security, video or application suites can be added on-demand as well as integrated with connectivity to public clouds and other infrastructure to create enhanced, enterprise-level services.

“As applications continue to move closer to the network edge, the demands for workload agility and mobility are becoming increasingly important for our customers. Customers have needs for new applications for NFV and IoT and want them faster, at the right location, and tailored to their specific needs,” said Bret Rehart, chief network and information officer of PCCW Global. “Our aim is to provide dynamic network and cloud based services that not only automatically flex in response to our customers’ policies and service level commitments, but also self-adjust based on rapidly changing network conditions. The approach we have taken, working with Canonical and CPlane, will enable us to deliver a level of performance, scalability and automation that would otherwise be unachievable with traditional service configuration solutions.”

Canonical’s Juju Charms will also extend the Canonical/CPlane OpenStack solution by providing an automated mechanism to deploy base OpenStack cloud services, and enables a full ecosystem of value-added services for enterprise and edge applications, NFV and IoT enablement.

“The two great market forces of today, the proliferation of mobile/IoT devices and the conquering wave of public clouds, are growing at a phenomenal rate. But they are growing apart; the first is becoming more distributed and fragmented while the latter is becoming cheaper and more centralized,” said CPlane CEO Brandon Williams. “Canonical and CPlane Networks have bridged this gap with a hyper-distributed cloud solution for service providers. PCCW Global will be the first to market with an edge-cloud offering for the applications that will power this new frontier.”

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