PCCW launches unmanned store for Habbitzz e-commerce site

Habbitzz PCCW
Image credit: PCCW Solutions

PCCW Solutions has opened a fully automated and intelligent unmanned store named Habbitzz+, which is fully integrated with its premium e-commerce platform of the same name.

Billed as an O2O play, the unmanned store is meant to complement the Habbitzz online shopping site with a touch-and-feel experience, enabling customers to explore an array of items in categories including beauty, electronics, health and wellness, toys, kids and babies, beverages and sports on both online and offline platforms.

The Habbitzz+ store leverages technologies including AI, biometric verification, advanced analytics, RFID, and Infinitum Visum (an Internet connected mirror developed by PCCW Solutions with an interactive HD touch screen). In addition, the solution enables retailers to analyze customer behavior through rich data visualizations to optimize store operations and devise highly targeted omni-channel strategies to drive sales.

After browsing the products on Habbitzz online shop, shoppers can touch, experience and try the products at the Habbitzz+ store before making purchase decisions. The store is equipped with interactive displays and AI-powered chatbots which enable consumers to instantly obtain comprehensive product information and recommendations on matching selections.

Shoppers at the Habbitzz+ store can try on merchandise virtually via the Infinitum Visum mirror, interact with service robots or experience automated shopping with a pick-and-go option. The system automatically recognizes the products which the shoppers are carrying upon leaving the store and links to their respective Habbitzz account for secure and fast online payment using biometric authentication.

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