Pleasing people and preventing piracy – challenges for pay-TV providers

preventing piracy

Successfully connecting people to the content they love requires putting the consumer at the center of the pay-TV experience with intuitive access to the best content, all in one place. On the business side, it is also about optimizing operations and helping secure the business model of the service provider. Innovation plays a big role in all of these aspects and is at the core of what Nagra does.

As the worldwide leader in digital TV, Nagra helps hundreds of service providers around the world do just that with Secure, Engaging and Efficient solutions that make TV simple again.

Pay-TV service providers need to reach all screens and compete more effectively with Internet-based rivals. Achieving this requires a powerful business and security services platform that is cloud-ready, scalable, modular and flexible. Leveraging actionable data insights, it delivers the rapid innovation and smart operations that make service providers successful in a new connected pay-TV world.

Nagra held a Pay-TV Innovation Forum specific to the Asia-Pacific region at CommunicAsia this year that identified two distinct sub-segments where broadband and pay-TV market are less developed against those that are equivalent to or even better than markets in Europe and North America. As Simon Trudelle from Nagra points out in this interview, there are a number of common factors, including piracy.

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