Pets feature big in this year’s CES (IoST) stakes

Image credit: INUBOX

I really don’t know how we survive the full year between CES events in the USA because every year we are inundated with fabulous gadgets and apps for pets that we absolutely need for survival in this digital age. Some, however, could qualify for our Internet of Silly Things (IoST) awards.

Take this year’s top picks for pet lovers, starting with an automated indoor toilet for your dog. According to the developers, INUBOX knows when your dog steps on the platform and detects any waste left behind. Once your dog is away, the station closes the platform and starts the cleaning cycle in less than one minute, opening again to be used if needed. All solid and liquid materials are passed through a solidifying process and contained in a closed bag. Once full, it delivers a sealed bag for disposal. 

Image courtesy: INUBOX

You should be able to place orders very shortly on Kickstarter but I’m guessing the big challenge will training your dog to use the thing!

Cat lovers won’t be left out either because PurrSong debuted a new smart cat litter box dubbed the LavvieBot, This will automatically clean itself and refill the litter. LavvieBot’s developers worked for years to determine why other existing products often lead to malfunction, or leave behind waste during cleaning or leave an odor. LavvieBot’s patented rotating rake mechanism is designed to eliminate this issue.

Once the cat has left the machine, the separator scoops waste into the drawer at the interval of your choice (20 minutes to 1 hour). By focusing the rotational force of the motor onto the separator, LavvieBot’s mechanism demonstrates exceptional cleaning ability, preventing breakage and causing little noise and it refills litter from its 6.5L extra storage after cleaning, maintaining a fresh bed of litter for your cat every time.

The designers have thought of everything! Indented buttons prevent cats from pressing them. LavvieBot also uses 3 separate sensors to recognize each cat and ensure its safety. If a cat were to enter during the auto-clean cycle, LavvieBot’s front infrared sensor would detect its entry and safely retract the separator. The expertly designed entrance helps keep your house litter-free by letting residual litter fall from cats’ toes as they jump out. Oh, and it comes with its own app that sends you personalized messages from your cat to let you know when it needs attention! 

Oh, and if you’d like to keep tabs on your darling pets and keep them entertained when you are not at home one of the third generation of Petcube is for you. It comes with a camera featuring 1080p HD video, 4x digital zoom, and night vision. It also sports wide-angle lenses that allow for up to 180-degree views, a four-microphone array, and improved connectivity with 5GHz Wi-Fi support.

Connectivity to Alexa means you can play music, control lighting, and access more than 50,000 skills without ever lifting a finger. Seriously. And if your pet steps in front of the camera, the devices let you initiate and record a video call via a push notification, which you can then share online or store on your mobile device. You can have a video call with your pet and even dispense treats via a redesigned ‘flinging’ mechanism. I kid you not!

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