The future of digital entertainment is putting a bag over your head

Image credit: Poptheatr video

I’ve lost track how many times in my life I’ve been told I should put a bag over my head but now there may be a good reason for it. Just when you thought audio-visual devices had reached their zenith, along comes Poptheatr, which is basically a bucket/bag you put over your head that its creators claim is “the ultimate private cinema experience”.

It could also be another candidate for our Internet of Silly Things (IoST) list.

But wait, there’s more.

“Poptheatr is your own private theatre that provides you with a comfortable, personal viewing experience when watching on your mobile device. No longer will you face distractions and constant discomfort when you could be enjoying your movie or show to the fullest extent.”

This remarkable bucket/bag blocks out noises and other distractions while viewing content on your smartphone or tablet. You simply place your device inside the top of the theater and look up to watch movies or TV shows. You can also control the content via a separate Bluetooth device.

OK, so I get it if I’m at home and want to view my own content without disturbing or being disturbed by others in the household, but I can’t see myself sitting on a bus, in a train or as a car passenger wearing a bucket on my head.

But what do I know? Over 100 people have pledged over $14,500 to this Kickstarter project to date. If the idea really grabs you, you’d better hurry because if the project doesn’t reach its goal of $40,000 by February 17, it won’t be funded.

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