Something just changed in the Privacy vs Security wars

privacy vs security
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We have been wondering about who is winning the privacy vs security wars for a while. Since we have been doing that, there have been several changes.

We used to assume that users were worried about their data security and were adamant that their data should not be used for profit.

It seems we were wrong – or at least, we are now. While data security is now the weapon that is being used by Governments to win points over other Governments (by banning foreign-built networks and apps without visible reason) users either gave up or have become very relaxed about the issue.

The report we highlighted on Friday points clearly to the fact that users across the Asia Pacific region are happy to trade their privacy for a better, more seamless, experience.

Per the report:

69% of Asia Pacific users, on average, are choosing to give up their privacy to gain better experiences. Respondents from China (82%), India (79%) and Indonesia (79%) are the most willing to share their data, with respondents from Japan (43%), Australia (50%) and Singapore (58%) being the least likely to trade data for more seamless experiences.

So, you have to wonder why. Is it because there is some form of digital herd immunity emerging? Is it that users now believe that their data will be used by others, whatever they do? Is it that users believe that their data has probably been stolen already and they are bound to be advertised at, or blackmailed at some point and so they have given up the fight?

Whatever the reason, it seems clear that users have decided that privacy and security are issues that are now out of their hands.

It could be, of course, that the fines for security breaches and the tough (or not) rules about data have made people realise that the issue is no longer for them to worry about. It could be that, with Governments now demanding access to their people’s data to help control the pandemic, there is a resignation that the privacy vs security war is lost and so they will accept a better user experience as recompense.

Either way, this new attitude places more pressure on companies (and should do so on Governments) to be the guardians of their customers’ data.

And, as we have said before, this issue represents a huge opportunity for ISPs and telcos as the gatekeepers of the internet, where that data is used.

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