Procera and Brocade combine solutions for better network visibility and QoE

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Procera Networks has announced a joint solution with Brocade that promises to give mobile operators greater visibility and real-time access to deeper network, subscriber, and traffic intelligence that can provide better understanding of subscriber behaviors and how this impacts the OTT services they use.

The new solution combines Brocade’s Envision Fabric visibility product line with Procera’s eVolution Virtual Experience Probe. By focusing on subscriber service and application usage behavior, rather than simply on characteristics of overall network performance, Procera says its eVolution probe can pull much deeper insights from subscriber traffic that can be used for advanced QoE management and the delivery of highly differentiated offerings.

Procera says the probe is capable of identifying over 2,800 over-the-top applications, types of devices in use, locations involved, routes and peering links crossed, and subscriber service plans.

eVolution is a virtualized probe that runs as a VNF on industry standard hardware. It’s designed to scale in order to meet the ever-changing traffic requirements of today’s 4G evolved packet core networks.

Meanwhile, Brocade’s Envision Fabric network visibility technology combines hardware and software packet brokers with a scalable, software-based session director. Brocade also offers a full-featured Virtual Packet Broker. The Envision Fabric portfolio brings the scalability, agility and flexibility of NFV to network visibility, and provides flow aggregation, replication, load-balancing, filtering and traffic optimization capabilities with an open architecture.

Procera’s eVolution integrates with the Envision Fabric via the open API framework to provide visibility into OTT applications.

“Our work with Brocade really goes to demonstrate the versatility of our PacketLogic/V software for network and subscriber analytics,” said John McNamara, Vice President, OEM and SI Sales, at Procera Networks.

“As mobile networks evolve towards 5G, there is an important need for operators to provide differentiated offerings that cooperate with OTT applications,” said Ravi Medikonda, VP/GM of Network Visibility and Analytics at Brocade. “This allows them to create new revenue growth opportunities to offset the stagnation in user and bandwidth revenues.”

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