Qlink and Cenntro Auto to develop V2X blockchain solutions

IoT-based connected car
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Singapore based blockchain startup Qlink has announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Cenntro Automotive Group to develop blockchain-based telecoms solutions for connected cars.

Under the agreement, the two companies plan to establish a joint venture focusing on electric vehicle manufacturing and blockchain technology deployment. Qlink will provide technological support for Cenntro Auto by developing a foundational blockchain-based telecoms platform that includes telecom asset registration, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology development and mobile data billing.

Cenntro Auto operates a “co-op” automotive manufacturing platform that decentralizes the automotive value chain by providing a full spectrum of electric vehicle technology, development, and supply chain services, creating an ecosystem of resources that collaborate to design, build and sell vehicles.

Qlink – which is currently building a blockchain-based platform for mobile services – is already planning to launch a vehicle-mounted base station by the end of 2018, enabling vehicles to provide mobile LTE network coverage for things like concerts and major sporting events.

Qlink says the Cenntro tie-up will accelerate that project. Vehicles manufactured by Cenntro will be equipped with base stations and registered as telecom assets to the NEO blockchain (one of two blockchains Qlink plans to use for its platform). Mobile billing information will be recorded to Qlink’s dedicated blockchain for telecoms.

Qlink says its open source blockchain-based telecom platform – which is essentially a decentralized BSS using distributed ledger technology to track usage of telecoms assets and securely bill for that usage – will be able to better handle V2X apps because the current network billing systems used by traditional telcos is not suitable for industrial usage.

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