Qualcomm and Tencent to set up AR/VR joint innovation center in China

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Qualcomm subsidiary Qualcomm Wireless Communication Technologies (China) has forged a strategic relationship with the Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG) of Tencent to establish a joint innovation center to identify and create leading immersive augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) mobile user experiences in gaming and entertainment.

The new joint innovation center will be designed to explore new user gaming and application experience in the future by utilizing the strengths of both parties, and will attempt to utilize new technologies from Qualcomm Wireless in future conditional projects, while the center receives fast and direct access to technology and services support.

The combination of brands, technology and engineering prowess can provide consumers with cutting-edge gaming and immersive entertainment experiences, driven by the worldwide adoption of AR and VR supported devices, said Adrian Ong, vice president, business development at Qualcomm China.

“As virtual and augmented reality deployment accelerates, mobile has many distinct advantages, such as making it possible to enjoy incredibly immersive content wirelessly virtually anywhere you go, along with the scale of a large existing customer base, excellent development tools and high performance,” said Ong, adding that the company’s Snapdragon 800 series processor “will accelerate the next generation of VR and AR applications.”

As consumer appetites grow for the development of high quality and differentiated mobile AR and VR gaming experiences, the need for stronger relationships across the industry will become even more important, said Zhiming Nie, general manager of the interactive entertainment R&D department at Tencent.

“The joint innovation center will attempt to fully utilize [Qualcomm’s] latest technologies and mobile devices based on Snapdragon, to develop and optimize more superior gaming products for Chinese players,” said Nie.

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