Rabobank connects to Telstra’s SD-WAN in transformation deal

Image credit: Bjoern Wylezich / Shutterstock.com

Telstra and Rabobank Australia & New Zealand Group have announced a multi-million dollar digital transformation deal that will see over 90 Rabobank branches and two data centers across Australia and New Zealand upgraded to Telstra’s SD-WAN solution.

The deal, which also includes Telstra Internet Direct and Telstra Global Internet Extension, forms part of Rabobank’s regional digital transformation agenda and supports the bank’s commitment to rural customers and communities.

The solution will help the bank service its regional customers more effectively and deliver continued service improvement, said Rabobank Australia & New Zealand chief operating officer Andrew Vickers.

“This new SD-WAN solution will provide more speed and agility, creating better experiences in our branch operations to enhance customer service for the regional community,” he said.

The deal includes a VeloCloud SD-WAN capability which will benefit Rabobank’s operational agility, improve application performance, and increase overall bandwidth. Fiber internet connectivity will also replace legacy copper in 93 sites, providing higher bandwidth connectivity for key branch operations.

The digital transformation of the bank’s network will enable the bank to gain increased access to business applications, evolve its network operations and legacy infrastructure, and deliver a better customer experience, said Jim Clarke, director of global connectivity at Telstra Enterprise.

The rollout is expected to take six months with a significant number of branches operating on the new network within the next three months.

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