Report sheds light on Singapore’s mobile network experience

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Opensignal has just launched a report on Singapore’s Mobile Network Experience, which examines the user experience across 54,443 devices across Opensignal’s active userbase in Singapore, from August to October 2019. This is measured in metrics such as, download speed, latency experience, and 4G availability, amongst others. This report offers an in-depth analysis of Singapore, and how the different telcos fare presently ahead of the race toward 5G. 

Key highlights include:

The mobile network experience of users on Singapore’s three established leading operators continues to move onwards apace, despite not yet launching 5G.

  • Singtel snatches the Upload Speed Experience crown
    While users on all three operators saw improvements in their upload speed, Singtel users’ speeds improved more than the others to take the Upload Speed Experience award previously won by M1. With the rising importance of sharing videos as well as photos and audio, Singaporeans are well served by the increases in upload speeds across the three main operators, where speeds jumped by between 6.7% and an astonishing 20% in just six months.
  • M1’s latency award win will please mobile gamers
    Again, M1’s users enjoyed the most responsive mobile network with M1 winning Opensignal’s Latency Experience award. Speedy reactions are especially critical for gamers playing the many multiplayer mobile games, but low latencies help a range of mobile apps and services including web browsing.
  • Video Experience hits Excellent for M1, nears it for Singtel and StarHub
    Fierce competition in this report sees users’ mobile Video Experience jump by between 3.8 and 4 points on Opensignal’s one-hundred-point scale. M1 users just edged into the Excellent category, which starts at 75. But Singtel and M1 share Opensignal’s award because of overlapping confidence intervals which place Singtel’s Video Experience 0.7 shy of Excellent with 74.3 ahead of StarHub’s 73.5 putting both operators into the Very Good category.
  • On TPG
    New entrants are also increasing the competitive pressure on Singtel, M1 and StarHub. Most notable is TPG, which has offered an unusual extended trial service throughout 2019 as it refines its offering and ensures it meets market expectations. Because TPG does not yet offer a full commercial service the report had not yet included the experience of TPG users in our Singapore Mobile Network Experience report.

They analyzed the experience of TPG trial users on two occasions in 2019 – firstly comparing the experience mid-year and found TPG users’ speeds were much slower than Singtel, M1 and StarHub, and more recently they looked at how the TPG experience had changed as the company moves closer to launch

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