Revector launches military-standard IMSI-catcher covert detection devices

covert detection IMS-catchers
Spec ops police officer in the rain.Image by Oleg Zabyelin | Bigstockphoto

Revector has launched a new range of ruggedised military-standard covert detection devices. The technology uses the mobile network to enable police forces, military special forces, government security agencies, prison security services and telecoms regulators to detect, track, and locate illegal activity and keep the public safe. 

Revector, which has more than twenty years’ experience in telecommunications anti-fraud technology, has engineered customised IMSI-catcher devices that are highly configurable and portable, making them ideal for lawful, tactical application either in-vehicle, on a fixed site or airborne. 

An IMSI is a 15-digit, unique number assigned to the SIM card that identifies the mobile user within the network. IMSI-catchers act like a mobile phone network meaning nearby mobile phones connect to them. This then gives the authorised user of the IMSI-catcher the ability to monitor activity.

The Revector Detector range of IMSI-catchers are the smallest and most powerful covert detection devices available on the market. Revector deliver security solutions for:

  • Mobile phone detection – to accurately monitor the movement and activity of target mobile devices.
  • Direction finding – including a portable backpack device, to locate down to a few metres. 
  • Network scanning and data analysis – giving full control and visual representation of activity.

The range includes a 2G, 3G, 4G and soon 5G, mobile phone detection, identification, tracking and manipulation system and a covert IMSI-catcher backpack.

The lightweight backpack solution can be used in covert operations and is designed to be easily retrofitted into different styles of backpacks, luggage or other covert items to ensure maximum concealment.

Andy Gent, CEO of Revector, comments: “The miniaturisation of technology, combined with our expertise in location monitoring in more than 100 countries, has enabled us to offer this new covert hardware that helps security services worldwide to effectively and rapidly detect potential threats. Whether it is detecting illicit mobile phone in prisons down to the precise cells or identifying telecoms fraudsters, these new devices help us work with our partners to identify and intercept potential threats to public and national security.”

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