Revive Tech Asia 2022, Hong Kong 24-25 August

Revive Tech Asia

Gear up yourself for the future! Revive Tech Asia is a 2-day face-to-face business tech show taking place on 24th – 25th August 2022 at Asia World Expo in Hong Kong, aims to gather the most influential minds to celebrate innovations and to foster tech transformation and application in real world.

This is not an event just for the IT professionals but for everyone from across ALL industries that are keen to transform business and advance careers with the right technologies.

Our conference programme covers a wide spectrum of topics, including AI & Data, Digital Commerce, Smart Connectivity, Cloud technologies and Data Centre, Future of WorkCustomer Experience, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, etc. 

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✓ Equip yourself with the most in-demand skills & knowledge

✓ Start face-to-face conservations with your industry peers and build real connections

✓ Build rapport between team members outside the company while learning something new together

AI & Data Conference Track

For decades, managing data essentially meant collecting and storing it. That has all changed. Businesses are now looking for critical information and insights that can be extracted from the massive amounts of data, to drive better business decisions that unlock efficiency and feature gains. This track is curated in a way that would inspire you to build a sector-specific modern data environment with proven data strategies that address infrastructure complexity and integration, help you make sense of that data through analytics, AI, automation and ML engineering and ultimately – deliver outsized business value and transform lives.

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