Samsung reveals new LTE modem supporting 6-carrier aggregation

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Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed LTE modem technology for the company’s next-generation mobile processors that supports 6CA (carrier aggregation).

Earlier this year, the Samsung Exynos 9 Series (8895) SoC presented its Cat.16 LTE modem with 1-Gbps downlink speed and the industry’s first support for 5CA. Working with Anritsu, Samsung says its new Cat.18 6CA LTE modem technology has successfully achieved downlink speeds up to 1.2 Gbps.

This 20% improvement in maximum downlink speed will enable mobile device users to enjoy bufferless video calls and mobile live-broadcasting, Samsung says.

Carrier aggregation combines a given number of component carriers with various bandwidths, improving data transfer rates and network performance. By increasing the aggregation capability from five bandwidths to six, the new LTE modem will offer faster yet more stable data transfers, Samsung says.

The modem supports 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM to maximize the data transfer rate. By utilizing enhanced Licensed-Assisted Access (eLAA) that can aggregate licensed and unlicensed spectrum, the modem also allows operators to make fuller use of their equipment, says Woonhaing Hur, VP of System LSI Protocol Development at Samsung.

“With the increase of high-quality online content services, the demand for high-performance LTE modems continue to rise as well,” said Hur.

Samsung’s mobile processor adopting the Cat.18 6CA LTE modem is expected to be in mass production by the end of this year.

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