SEA-H2X confident of building new submarine cable by 2024

SEA-H2X submarine cable

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. and its partners have launched the South East Asia Hainan-Hong Kong Express Cable System (SEA-H2X) project to build a 5,000-kilometer submarine cable system connecting the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, East Malaysia and Singapore by 2024.

With connectivity increasingly becoming integral to the global economy, providers of internet services must stay ahead of demands for fast and reliable networks.

In a statement on Tuesday, the consortium expressed confidence that it will meet the deadline for the project, which is expected to have a capacity of 160 terabits per second and will be at least 8 fiber pairs in size.

SEA-H2X extensions

The SEA-H2X cable will also include options for extending the link to Vietnam, Cambodia, West Malaysia and Indonesia. With extended capacity, this project is expected to provide future support for 5G adoption in the region as well.

Converge COO Jesus Romero believes that their investment in additional infrastructures like undersea cable systems and data centers will be a major factor in the success of SEA-H2X, as well as other projects that the company is currently undertaking.

Two submarine cables not enough

In fact, according to him, two cables will not be enough, referring to the SEA-H2X project and the Bifrost Cable System. The company is “still looking at further investments as they come along.”

“In Converge, we have a dream, and that is to make the Philippines a digital transit hub in Asia. The SEA-H2X project is one step towards that dream where we hope to create a more vibrant industry that can position businesses for success, provide employment, and continually improve the lives of Filipinos over time,” Romero said.

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is joined by China Mobile International Limited, China Unicom Global and PPTEL SEA H2X Sdn. Bhd., in this endeavour to supply efficient connections to the region. The consortium has tapped HMN Technologies Co., Ltd. (HMN Tech) to build the undersea cable system.

“PPTEL SEA-H2X is delighted with the progress of SEA-H2X. We embarked on a massive telecommunications infrastructure project in Sarawak to build a strong internet backbone that connects Sarawak to the wider world. We have laid our first subsea cable BaSICS (Batam – Sarawak Internet Cable System) and our very own Tier IV Data Centre is ready and connected. With the addition of SEA-H2X, we are endeavouring to place Sarawak firmly on the map as the alternative regional hub in Southeast Asia,” said Dr. Jonathan Smith, CEO, PPTEL.

Earlier this year, Converge partnered with Telstra to supply its enterprise customers with a wider range of network infrastructure and services in the Philippines. This joint venture is expected to provide an end-to-end solution for businesses that are looking to improve their network infrastructure and services in the Philippines.

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