Singapore startup UnaBiz clinches $25 million for global IoT expansion

UnaBiz IoT
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Singapore-based IoT service provider UnaBiz amassed over $25 million in its recent Series B funding round led by SPARX Group. UnaBiz will use the additional capital to expand its presence in key areas such as Japan, Southeast Asia, and EMEA via local offices and acquisitions.

UnaBiz also aims to inject a part of these funds into UnaConnect, the firm’s cloud and data platform solution, which aims to link disconnected IoT data-gathering technologies with corporate systems.

“Our vision is to accelerate corporate digital transformation with optimised end-to-end solutions which include hardware, software and connectivity. We look forward to growing our team in each area and working with vertical experts to champion a unified Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) world,” said Henri Bong, Co-Founder and CEO of UnaBiz. “The IoT industry has become too fragmented and it is our mission to simplify it and eradicate frictions to truly enable massive IoT, from 0G to 5G.”

UnaBiz claims to be the first massive IoT service provider, with services such as smart metering, asset and people tracking, asset management, and facilities management. Some of its use cases include global IoT tracking, cold chain monitoring, smart parking, and smart waste management.

“On top of adopting sustainability reporting, responsible consumption and production practices, the new funds will be channelled to develop specific expertise and services that will help our customers reach their energy goals. On top of energy-optimised sensors, pattern detection based on Artificial Intelligence is key in our new data-focused offerings,” said Philippe Chiu, Co-Founder and CTO of UnaBiz.

EY’s recent Reimagining Industry Futures Study 2021 reveals that firms in Asia Pacific (APAC) are pulling ahead in 5G and IoT investments. UnaBiz, for its part, is strategically located in the region and is also in the middle of the global growth in the IoT space.

Compared to around 70% of firms in the Americas and Europe, 80 percent of APAC firms plan to roll out 5G or have already started doing so. In APAC, COVID-19 has been a more significant driver than elsewhere. 29% of respondents in the region increased their 5G and IoT spend over the last year, compared to just 13% and 15% in the other two regions.

At present, UnaBiz services clients from various industries, including Japan’s largest remote gas meter reading infrastructure, Australia and New Zealand’s largest autonomous tracked beer kegs fleet, and one of Singapore’s most ambitious integrated facility management projects for an educational institution.

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