Singtel and Nokia to trial 5G network slicing capabilities

Singtel and Nokia today agreed to collaborate on developing and trialling 5G network slicing capabilities, based on a Network as a Service (NaaS) approach that provides customers with highly customisable services for a variety of 5G use cases and applications. Network slicing is a key 5G feature where multiple virtual networks can be created atop one physical network. This is the latest in a series of trials that Singtel and its technology partners are working on to develop 5G use cases in areas such as cloud gaming, manufacturing, and maritime operations.

The NaaS platform, enabled by Nokia’s next-generation operations suite and cloud management products which automate the creation and delivery of digital services, will give Singtel greater control and visibility of services across the network while addressing specific 5G needs of enterprises with speed, efficiency and flexibility.

For example, Singtel will be able to offer an enterprise customer a secured network slice on demand, in a matter of minutes, with assured security and network performance in latency, bandwidth and availability. Currently, such a network service would take weeks or months to implement.

The 5G network slicing trials will be conducted and tested with organisations later this year in Singapore.

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