Singtel teams with EDMI to develop LTE Cat-M1 smart meters

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Singtel and global smart metering solutions provider EDMI are collaborating to develop an LTE Cat-M1 based smart electric metering infrastructure for Singapore.

The partners have been testing smart electric meters, powered by Singtel’s LTE Cat-M1 cellular IoT network. The combination of smart meters with the IoT network enables the secure wireless transmission of real-time meter readings at regular intervals to the power grid. It also allows electricity suppliers to monitor electricity consumption and forecast demand more accurately, said Andrew Lim, business group managing director at Singtel’s Group Enterprise.

“Giving electricity suppliers real-time data on electricity consumption allows them to optimize the distribution of electricity to certain areas and times of the day especially when demand is peaking,” said Lim.  “The pairing of smart meters with our IoT network will give consumers more accurate meter readings and ultimately bring cost savings.”

This latest collaboration further cements the partnership between Singtel and EDMI. Singtel currently provides machine-to-machine connectivity for EDMI’s digital electric meters in Singapore. With the Energy Market Authority planning to roll out smart meters in the second half of 2018, the partners aim to offer their IoT-driven smart metering solutions across the city’s residential, commercial and industrial areas.

How New Seng, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at EDMI, said Cat-M1’s low-power footprint would enable its smart metering solutions to help customers “reduce technical losses and work towards a greener power grid.”

Singtel’s Cat-M1 IoT network went live in September 2017. It has been conducting trials with over 20 potential partners at an IoT innovation lab that was set up with Ericsson earlier in the year.

“Apart from the energy sector, Singtel’s IoT network can bring innovation and boost efficiencies across industries including healthcare, manufacturing, environmental services and technology.” Singtel’s Lim said.

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