Singtel ‘liquifies’ infrastructure with virtualized platform

singtel infrastructure
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Singtel has launched Liquid Infrastructure, a new generation platform that promises to help enterprises configure their networks with ease to support their business requirements with greater control and agility.

Designed to help enterprises execute their digital transformation, the fully orchestrated, data-driven and agile platform integrates physical and virtual network services. Embedded with network visibility and intelligence, Liquid Infrastructure allows enterprises to deploy network resources as and when needed, helping companies save time, money and resources.

“We have integrated software-based network services to this platform to provide a versatile, robust and scalable solution that delivers critical network services where and when they are needed,” said Goh Boon Huat, vice president of global products at Singtel’s Group Enterprise. “By having the control of connectivity in the hands of our customers, we facilitate their transformation to the digital era through a superior and more agile network deployment and management experience.”

The platform integrates Singtel’s data network infrastructure with virtual network services that combines the strength of private and public wide area networking. Liquid Infrastructure is designed for use in optimized cloud access, flexible bandwidth adjustment, virtual network function, IoT connectivity and fast remote site deployment.

To enable Liquid Infrastructure, Singtel has strategically upgraded its global IP network with increased flexibility and software capabilities. Enterprises will be able to view network information, provision new services and scale their network bandwidths through a single portal.

Liquid Infrastructure is available globally and integrated with Singtel’s submarine cables, IP VPN network with 428 points of presence and global Internet service in more than 200 countries.

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