Singtel to mash its consumer and enterprise units together

Singtel to mash its consumer and enterprise units together
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CommsUpdate: Singtel Group has announced a corporate revamp under which it will consolidate its consumer and enterprise businesses in Singapore into a singular operating company.

Further, the carrier has revealed that under the plan – which it says is designed “to drive growth, synergies and productivity at the country level” – it will also establish a standalone infrastructure unit, Digital InfraCo, to include the Group’s regional data centre business, subsea cable and satellite carrier businesses as well as Paragon, Singtel’s ‘all-in-one platform for 5G MEC and cloud orchestration’.

Singtel repositions for growth

Singtel says it is undertaking a strategic reset to reposition the company for growth. Previously, in 2021, it hived off its ICT arm NCS to accelerate its expansion into the Asia-Pacific regional as a standalone business unit. The move facilitated the transformation of NCS as well as its regionalisation. NCS has since expanded into Australia, a market that is key to its strategic growth. It has also diversified from its public sector client base and seen significant growth in digital revenues.

Meanwhile, in July 2022 the company moved to increase the decentralisation of its organisational structure by transferring the management of Optus Enterprise to Australia, effectively giving Optus increased operational autonomy and direct accountability.

At the time, Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin said the change would deliver better outcomes for all our customers, consumer and enterprise alike. “With a more unified and collaborative approach across Optus, we will be able to better meet the localised need of our business customer and bring solutions to market more quickly. Importantly, we still will be able to leverage the insights and global reach of Singtel, while having the autonomy to make decisions quickly.”

‘More unified approach’

Commenting on the consolidation of its consumer and enterprise businesses, Singtel Group CEO Yuen Kuan Moon said the move “is designed to empower our core business to optimise synergies and capabilities to drive growth. With a more unified approach, we would be more agile, competitive and compelling when bringing solutions to market. At the same time, this will allow us to deliver better outcomes for our customers, whether they are consumers, small businesses or enterprise customers.”

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