SK Telecom launches 5G, signs first enterprise customer

SK Telecom 5G
Image credit: SK Telecom

South Korean cellco SK Telecom switched on its 5G network over the weekend, and announced the first enterprise customer for its 5G-AI solution for manufacturers.

SK Telecom’s 5G network currently covers the main areas of 13 cities and counties nationwide, including Seoul, four cities in Gyeonggi-do (Seongnam, An-san, Hwaseong, Siheung), six metropolitan cities, Seogwipo in Jeju Island, and Ullengdo and Dokdo Islands in Ulleng county.

Telecom’s first 5G enterprise customer is Myunghwa Industry an auto parts company based in Banwol Industrial Complex. Myunghwa began operating SKT’s ‘5G-AI Machine Vision’ solution on Saturday.

The solution is being used to verify product quality. High-resolution, multi-angle photos of auto parts on the conveyor belts taken by 12-megapixel cameras are transmitted over the 5G network to the cloud server, where AI software instantly scans the photos to check for defects.

SK Telecom says it has plans to boost its 5G-AI ecosystem with the planned launch of a ‘5G Device Test Lab’ this month at its Bundang office to support small and medium-sized device manufacturers.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom has begun test-driving 5G-connected self-driving cars on public roads in Siheung.

As a public launch ceremony, the operator staged several 5G phone calls from Bundang to various locations using a 5G smartphone prototype from Samsung.

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