SK Telecom deploys 5G repeater to improve high-density coverage

gangnam spot the 5G repeater
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SK Telecom announced that it has successfully developed a 5G repeater and applied it to its 5G trial network deployed near Gangnam Station in Seoul, Korea.

The 5G repeater is designed to improve signals in blanket/shadow areas by amplifying 5G radio signals. With the deployment of the 5G repeater, 5G networks will be able to provide a dense coverage by eliminating shadow areas, SK Telecom says.

The 5G repeater (built with SK Telecom’s independently developed 5G relay technology) is expected to resolve the issue of 5G coverage limitations caused by the propagation characteristics of radio signals at frequency bands above 6 GHz.

SK Telecom added that the Gangnam area in Seoul is one of the most difficult places to plan/build a network due to the presence of a large number of radio wave obstacles and high-density data traffic.

SK Telecom says the successful deployment of the repeater means it will now be able to build 5G networks in other traffic-concentrated downtown areas with greater ease, said Park Jin-hyo, senior VP and head of SK Telecom’s Network Technology R&D Center.

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