SK Telecom deploys 5G for self-driving car test city

5G SK KOTSA self-driving test city
Image credit: SK Telecom

SK Telecom and the Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA) have deployed 5G infrastructure in K-City, South Korea’s pilot city for self-driving vehicles.

Working closely with KOTSA, SK Telecom says it successfully deployed a 5G test network for the facility with 20 Gbps downlink capacity, which allows the 5G communications control center to transfers data to a test vehicle in less than 0.001 second, such as a 3D HD map with high accuracy of less than 20cm. The network was deployed in around three months.

Both wireless and wired slots in the K-City facility are connected to the 5G network. K-City will serve as a “5G self-driving outpost” where domestic companies and organizations can test their 5G autonomous driving technology and speed up their technological development. According to SK Telecom, it’s the only such facility in the world fully equipped with 5G tech.

World’s key self-driving pilot cities

   Nation    Name      Note 
Hwaseong, South Korea    K-City    Deployed world’s first 5G network (Dec. 2017)
Michigan, U.S.    M-City    World’s first test facility for self-driving
Osaka, Japan    JARI
Shanghai, China    Nice City
Gothenburg, Sweden    ASTA ZERO    5G network deployment scheduled (2018)

K-City, located in Hwaseong, southwest of Seoul, has a total area of around 363,000 square meters, and features a variety of test driving lanes that resemble real world driving conditions such as a school zone and bus-only lane.

“We will keep developing 5G infrastructure in K-City so that we can make it at the forefront of 5G self-driving,” said Park Jin-hyo, EVP of ICT R&D Center at SK Telecom.

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