SK Telecom develops AI acceleration solution for data centers

AI acceleration
Image credit: SK Telecom

SK Telecom announced that it has developed an AI acceleration solution called AIX (AI Inference Accelerator) and applied is to the data center infrastructure of the company’s “Nugu” AI service.

The AIX acceleration solution improves AI computing speed, allowing high-quality AI service to reach as many customers as possible. AIX is a palm size, card-shaped accelerator that can be installed to the existing AI server inside Nugu’s data center infrastructure to enable 20 times faster computing of deep-learning technology.

The number of AI technology users has been growing recently, and related services have also been emerging, ranging from finance, security and shopping to self-driving cars and web search. This has given rise to an exponential amount of data that companies have to collect and process for their AI service. But there are limits to the abilities of existing servers to process that data.

SK Telecom says AIX can increase overall AI service capacity by about 5 times without the need to install additional servers. It also claims 16 times better energy efficiency compared to GPU-based acceleration solutions; this in turn helps reduce the operating cost of data center infrastructure.

Since launching its Nugu AI service in 2016, SK Telecom says monthly active users of the service have surpassed 3 million vs just 110,000 users from last August, and the number of AI service areas has also been expanding rapidly.

According to a March report by US market intelligence firm Tractica, the global AI chipset market is expected to worth $66 billion by 2025. Global firms such as Nvidia, Google and Microsoft have already been actively engaging in the development and commercialization of AI acceleration.

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