SK Telecom clocks 1 Gbps with Ericsson LAA solution

Image credit: Prasit Rodphan /

Ericsson says that SK Telecom has successfully tested its Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) solution, achieving data speeds of 1 Gbps on licensed LTE spectrum and unlicensed spectrum.

The test was carried out indoors using one LTE 20-MHz band and three Wi-Fi 20-MHz bands. Ericsson’s 4×4 MIMO technology was used for for LTE frequency band.

Listen-Before-Talk technology was applied to both the Wi-Fi and LTE networks to maximize the utilization of the available spectrum and reduce resource contention. Ericsson says its LTE-based transmission control also helped to significantly increase the efficiency of the Wi-Fi network.

Park Jin-hyo, head of Network Research and Development at SK Telecom, said, “The technology that we have tested is the starting point for an evolution to 5G, and SK Telecom will continue to develop the infrastructure so that users can experience 5G service as soon as possible.”

With Licensed Assisted Access, broadband users connected by means of Wi-Fi automatically take advantage of inherent LTE benefits. In short, they are able to access the network more quickly, and network resources are released more quickly when the session is terminated. This improves the utilization of the unlicensed spectrum and more important, the overall experience for all users.

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