SK Telecom gets multi-vendor 5G gear to work together

sk telecom 5G
Image credit: SK Telecom

SK Telecom announced that it has successfully tested interoperability between a 5G Non Standalone (NSA) core developed by Samsung Electronics and 5G base stations from Nokia and Ericsson.

The test took place at the company’s 5G testbed located in its Bundang office building.

Since last year, the operator has been working closely with global mobile operators, including AT&T and Orange, at 3GPP and the NGMN Alliance to develop interfaces for interoperability between diverse multi-vendor 5G network equipment.

SK Telecom selected Samsung, Ericsson and Nokia as its preferred bidders for 5G equipment last month, and since then has been applying and testing the interfaces to achieve multi-vendor interoperability within the shortest period possible.

Th eoperator says it can now install Nokia and Ericsson base stations within the coverage of Samsung’s 5G Core, which means it can deploy a more flexible 5G network with greater efficiency.

The 5G NSA core used for the trial has been specially developed by SK Telecom and Samsung. While the 5G NSA standard allows operators to add 5G features to existing LTE core equipment, SK Telecom decided to also deploy a new 5G NSA Core to enhance both stability and quality of its 5G service.

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