SK Telecom and Nokia demo end-to-end 5G SA (it works)

SK Telecom
Image credit: SK Telecom

SK Telecom announced that it has demonstrated end-to-end 5G SA (stand-alone) data transmission and ultra-low latency data processing with Nokia.

At the trial site at the Nokia Lab in Wroclaw, Poland, the two companies conducted the demo using only 5G SA gear, and verified the feasibility of various 5G SA-based application services such as VR, ultra-HD video, autonomous driving and smart factories.

5G SA relies solely on 5G network equipment for data transmission, whereas 5G NSA uses both LTE and 5G networks. The finalized 5G SA standard for Release 15 was officially revealed by the 3GPP last week. SK Telecom pointed out that it took just five days after the standard was approved by the 3GPP for it and Nokia to set up and execute the demo.

The day the 5G SA standard was unveiled, Ericsson, Intel, China Mobile Research Institute and China Mobile announced they had placed a multi-vendor 5G SA call in a live interoperability development test at the Ericsson Lab in Beijing.

SK Telecom said it has been developing both 5G NSA and SA technologies. At the early stage of commercialization, SK Telecom will deploy 5G NSA mobile phones and equipment, as 5G’s network coverage is limited, which makes it critical to use the LTE and 5G, simultaneously. The operator will gradually expand use of 5G SA.

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