SK Telecom, Sinclair and One Media to develop ATSC 3.0 platform

SKT Sinclair ATSC 3.0
From left: Mark Aitken, VP of Advanced Technology at Sinclair Broadcast Group; Park Jung-ho, CEO and president of SK Telecom; and Kevin Gage, EVP and CTO at One Media. Image credit: SK Telecom

SK Telecom announced that it has signed an MoU at CES 2018 with US television broadcaster Sinclair Broadcast Group and its subsidiary, One Media, to jointly explore development of the ATSC 3.0 digital TV standard.

By the first half of this year, the three companies intend to build an ATSC 3.0 broadcast platform that will provide UHD-quality content, customized IP-based services for interactive broadcasts, personalized and location-based advertisement, fixed and mobile broadcast, and emergency alert service.

Initially aimed at the US TV market – which has officially adopted ATSC 3.0 as its next-gen TV standard – SK Telelcom will gradually expand the platform to India, which also plans to adopt ATSC 3.0.

SK Telecom says the platform will also help expand the global ecosystem for next-generation broadcasting by utilizing its mobile IPTV and media technologies such as MMT (MPEG Media Transport) – an ultra-low latency transmission technology for high-definition video that also supports mobile devices – as well as a subscriber-based contents recommendation service, and IP-based media services such as optimized network service that utilizes AI technology.

“Working with Sinclair, SK Telecom’s media technology is now aiming to bring innovation to the global broadcast industry and create a new growth engine,” said Park Jung-ho, CEO and president of SK Telecom. “The company will share its core infrastructure with global companies to come up with convergent business models that will create new business platforms.”

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