Smart Communications launches sales app for partner-retailers

ka partner-retailers
Image credit: Smart Communications

PLDT subsidiary Smart Communications says it has made it easier for partner-retailers to keep track of their sales, receivables, inventory, and manage their cash flow better with the introduction of the Ka-Partner Retailer mobile application.

The app makes navigation through the menu and browsing through the various load offers for selling easy. It also helps the retailer track his load wallet balance inventory and prompt him if the balance is already below the threshold.

The app’s digital ledger feature effectively automates sales records, allowing the retailer to track his load sales without manually recording these daily transactions on actual paper.  It also allows him to track the account receivables from his patrons for better cashflow management.

New features have been added to the app allowing the user to check on historical performance not only of total sales but also of repeat customers, and to view digital ads of the latest brand offers and promos from Smart, TNT, and Sun.

For the next phase, the retailer will be able to place an order from the distributor through the app for faster and more efficient way of purchasing load credits.

Smart has more than a million partner-retailers across the country that also play a key role in Smart’s growth – together, they account for 80-85% of Smart’s total prepaid revenues, the operator said.

Alex O. Caeg, head of Wireless Consumer Division Sales and Distribution at Smart, added that the initiative is in line with the digital transformation that Smart is implementing across its operations and the way it does business.

“Smart is in the midst of a digital pivot.  Our partner-retailers play a very important role in our business. They are our frontliners in the community and it is imperative that we bring them along in this digital journey,” he said. “With the mobile app designed exclusively for them, our partner-retailers will be able to digitize the way they do business.”

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